Morgan's Law

Morgan's Law
Karly Lane
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When Sarah Murphy heads up to Negallan to fulfil her late grandmother's dying wish, she has no idea what to expect. Her beloved grandmother never once mentioned Negallan to Sarah, so she's unsure why she has asked for her ashes to be scattered under 'the wishing tree' on the banks of the Negallan River, describing it as 'a place dear to my heart'. After ten years working as a busy advertising executive in London, the more leisurely pace of Negallan provides Sarah with the time and headspace to reflect on what she's doing with her life - both in her career and her personal life. And the conclusions she comes to about her workaholic ways and English boyfriend aren't positive. So begins Sarah's journey towards greater understanding of both herself as well as her quest to uncover her grandmother's mysterious past. And soon love beckons in the shape of a handsome local farmer...
Karly Lane is the author of North Star.