The Misadventures of Polly Gillespie

Reports from a Riotous Life

The Misadventures of Polly Gillespie
Polly Gillespie
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With a great deal of humour and honesty Polly Gillespie walks the reader through some of the ups and downs of life, with advice, warnings, and stories simply involving the awkwardness of being Polly. (She says that at the very least these will make you feel normal. )She has been on radio and in magazines continuously since 1991, and is a much-loved personality whose escapades and down-to-earth advice to others have fascinated and entertained listeners for many years. With empathy and self-deprecation, plus a world of experience, she hopes to make you feel better about your own misadventures and by way of her unfortunate experiments with life she might even prevent you from going through some of the same things. If nothing else, you will get some great yarns from someone who apparently has resilience and experience, but more likely bad eyesight, an open mind, and a warm heart. Chapters include- Life Lessons; Being a Woman; Our Bodies; Sex and men and sex; and Family. Hang on tight, it' s going to be quite a ride!
Polly Gillespie is one half of New Zealand' s longest-running radio show team, the other half being her (now ex) husband, Grant Kereama. In various iterations, they' ve been on the air together since 1991. Polly was also one of the most popular columnists for Woman' s Day for almost two decades, with her ' Dear Polly' agony aunt column.