Magic in the Attic: A Button and Squeaky Adventure

Magic in the Attic: A Button and Squeaky Adventure
Jim Shore
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A charming and imaginative storybook for children about friendship that introduces the characters, Button and Squeaky. On a boring and rainy day, a lonely teddy bear named Button decides to venture into the attic for the very first time. Amazed by all of the toys and fascinating objects he finds, he begins to play with everything he sees. But finally, he stumbles upon a beautiful trunk filled with treasures from faraway places. At the very bottom of the trunk is a curious balloon animal kit that says, "Instant Friend Just Add Love and Air. " He soon finds himself making the best friend he' s always wanted, Squeaky! Button and Squeaky become the best of friends, and so begins all the future adventures together that are to come! Illustrated by Jim Shore, an industry-leading gift designer whose art is sold worldwide.
Jim Shore is a well-known artist in the gift industry as a sculptor and painter specializing in collectibles and figurines. He designs under Enesco, a gift industry retail distributor, and is a leading artist with QVC. He has done commissioned work for Disney, Peanuts, Coca Cola, and The Grinch.