The Long, Loud Silence

The Long, Loud Silence
Wilson Tucker
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When Corporal Russell Gary wakes up in a hotel room after a drinking binge, he finds himself the only living soul in town. Learning that a nuclear attack has devastated the east of the United States, he takes a car and attempts to return to civilisation. It soon becomes clear, however, that there was also a biological weapon deployed, and the deadly pneumonic plague has been released. A lucky handful of people - Corporal Gary among them - have resisted the plague. But are they lucky? As carriers, they still carry pose a significant danger to the surviving population. Can Gary be trusted to put the safety of millions ahead of his own personal salvation . . . ?
Wilson Tucker (1914-2006)Arthur Wilson ' Bob' Tucker was born in Illinois in 1914. Like many of his contemporaries, he entered science fiction as a fan - something he maintained alongside his professional writing; his fanzine Le Zombie ran from 1938 to 1975, thus coinciding with almost the entirety of his published work. He won one Hugo and two retro Hugos for his fan writing and a retrospective John W. Campbell Memorial Award for best novel. He was inducted into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2003.