Just By Looking at Him

Just By Looking at Him
Ryan O'Connell
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Eliott is a TV writer with a perfect-penised boyfriend. He' s living the dream. But behind the glossy veneer he' s been papering over cracks, and they' re starting to show. He' s creatively stifled, he' s drinking a little too often and his cerebral palsy makes him feel like gay Shrek. When River walks in, Elliott' s life is turned upside down in the best way. River is funny, charming and makes him feel seen. But maybe that' s part of the deal when you hire a sex worker. Eliott is lost and he needs someone, anyone, to point him in the right direction. After all, it' s a long limp towards redemption. A hilarious, sexy, ground-breaking debut novel about the intersection of queerness and disability, and discovering who you really are.
I' ve loved Ryan O' Connell' s voice in every iteration, but his turn to fiction is my favorite Ryan yet: sharp, bawdy, yet still deeply touching. It' s shockingly elegant, and elegantly shocking -- Lena Dunham, author of NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL A very funny novel about falling for a fantasy and finding love for one' s own self . . . Ryan O' Connell explores the lessons that the vulnerable human body has to teach us, and he does so with humor, heart and heat -- Melissa Broder, author of THE PISCES Funny, horny, heatbreaking. If you liked Detransition Baby you might like this: all anarchic queerness and great jokes -- Caroline O' Donoghue, author of PROMISING YOUNG WOMEN The writing is dazzling, so funny and free, it' s like making friends with someone new and exciting at a party and instantly becoming their best friend. Ceaselessly entertaining, no-filter comedy, scathing, sparkling and uplifting -- Justin Myers, author of THE LAST ROMEO With his singular voice and unforgettable wit, O' Connell movingly explores how our messiest moments can lead to radical self-acceptance. Elliott' s journey may be his own, but what he discovers about the absurdity of the human condition is universal -- Steven Rowley, author of LILY AND THE OCTOPUS Filthy, funny and outrageous. This novel is full of painfully recognisable characters who are impossible not to fall for. I loved it -- Laura Kay, author of THE SPLIT A perfect summer beach read: very funny but also with important things to say about the intersections of disability and queer identity -- Andrew McMillan, author of PHYSICAL Just By Looking At Him is a revelation - Ryan manages to perfectly encapsulate the nuances of disability, while avoiding the air of self-pity that so often clouds disabled narratives crafted by able bodied people. The book is consistently hilarious and relatable. I' m obsessed! -- Ione Gamble, author of POOR LITTLE SICK GIRLS I' m breathless in admiration - it' s super sharp, staggeringly funny, hot as hell and stealthily moving. It' s going to be a mega-hit! -- Matt Cain, author of THE SECRET LIFE OF ALBERT ENTWISTLE
Ryan O' Connell is the Emmy-nominated writer, producer and star of Netflix' s critically acclaimed comedy series, Special. He' s written for The New York Times, Vice and Vulture, as well as for television, including the reboot of Queer as Folk, in which he also stars, MTV' s Awkward, Will & Grace, and Netflix' s The Baby-Sitter' s Club. He is the recipient of a GLAAD Award and an HRC Award. In 2020 he made the Time 100 Next list as one of the rising artists shaping the future of the entertainment industry.