Japan Stories

Japan Stories
Jayne Joso
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Jayne Joso' s new book is a collection of stories and short fiction set in Japan. Each is centred on a particular character - a sinister museum curator, a son caring for his dementia-struck father, a widow in the far north reflecting on her provincial life, a bookseller - and tells a compelling story about them. Together these short narratives become a mosaic of a life in contemporary Japan, its people, its society, its thinking, its character. With the focus of the world on the Tokyo Olympics, Japan Stories provides a window into a country of which we know less than we think.
Jayne Joso, is the author of five novels, including ' My Falling Down House' (2016 - also set in Japan) and ' From Seven to the Sea' (2019). She lives in London after spending a number of years in Japan, where her fascination with that country began. She is the recipient of the Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award, given to artists whose work interprets Japan to other cultures.