J W Ells and Co #01: Portable Door The

J W Ells and Co #01: Portable Door The
Tom Holt
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Starting a new job can be extremely stressful. You meet your colleagues and forget their names. You meet your boss and forget his name. Then, after breaking the photocopier you forget your own name. And the next day you get to do it all again. But what if your new employer is not the pen-pushing paper-shuffling outfit you supposed it to be? What if it is an elaborate front for something far more sinister? Not that Paul Carpenter, new recruit at J.W.Wells & Co., would even notice. He's become obsessed with wooing the enigmatic Sophie, a bizarr angular woman with all the sexual appeal of n hole-punch.
'hugely inventive and highly amusing ...His sharply observed dialogue and the desire to think round corners and u-bends distinguish Holt's books. He has the ability to make the reader laugh out loud and should be treasured.' COMPUTERCROWSNEST 'A definite m
Tom Holt is the author of such comic fantasy classics as: Expecting Someone Taller, Who's Afraid of Beowulf?, Flying Dutch, Ye Gods!, Overtime, Here Comes the Sun, Grailblazers, Faust Among Equals, Odds and Gods, Djinn Rummy, My Hero, Paint Your Dragon and Open Sesame