It's Probably Nothing

The Stress-Less Guide to Dealing with Health Anxiety, Wellness Fads, and Overhyped Headlines

It's Probably Nothing
Casey Gueren
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Surrounded by "health hacks" and clickbait headlines, it' s easy to feel overwhelmed and underprepared when it comes to taking care of your health. But despite what the wellness industry told you, you don' t need another cleanse, detox, or supplement-you need a crash course in separating hype from health. In It' s Probably Nothing you' ll find a health journalist' s tools and tips to. . . * Fine-tune your B. S. detector and spot the wellness industry' s sneaky tricks* Get answers to your health questions without spiraling down search holes* Manage health stress and learn to listen to your body (just enough)* Decode the latest overhyped health headlines* Find compassionate, evidence-based care that works for you* And so much morePacked with illuminating information, funny personal anecdotes, concrete strategies for coping, quotes from dozens of medical experts, and a foreword by New York Times-bestselling author of The Vagina Bible Dr. Jen Gunter, this book is the perfect companion for navigating our wellness-obsessed world with a little less stress and a lot more information.
Casey Gueren is the former Executive Editor and Health Director at SELF. An award-winning journalist and fierce advocate of accessible health information, she was also an editor and writer at Buzzfeed, Women' s Health, and Cosmopolitan. She graduated from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey with a dual degree in Journalism and Psychology. Casey lives and works in New York City as an Editorial Director.