Archie & Reddie #04: It Doesn't Scare Me! (Graphic Novel)

Archie & Reddie #04: It Doesn't Scare Me! (Graphic Novel)
Candy James
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ELEPHANT & PIGGIE meets NARWHAL & JELLY in this hilarious new early-reader graphic novel series about Archie and Reddie, two fox friends who have wild fun! Archie and Reddie are having a sleepover! That means they get to play super fun games all night long and wear their favourite pyjamas! And even when a storm knocks out the power, they don' t get scared. Well, maybe a little at first, so it' s a good thing they have their trusty torches! But when Archie is woken in the middle of the night by a loud grumble, he' s afraid there might be a monster in the house. Luckily, Reddie is there to remind him of his bravery as the two friends investigate together. Everywhere they look, the noise seems to follow, but they can' t seem to find a monster anywhere. Is it super-sneaky, or could there be something else causing these late-night grumbles? In this fourth book, when Archie is woken by a scary noise in the night, he turns to Reddie to help him get to the bottom of it. PRAISE' [T]his outing introduces two friends with enjoyable chemistry populating well-paced panels that propel the physical comedy . . . Make room for this cute pair on the graphic early reader shelf. ' - Kirkus Reviews' a fabulous series for readers aged five and up who are transitioning from picture books to chapter books . . . highly recommended for fans of Elephant & Piggie or Narwhal and Jelly' - Books + Publishing
Candy James is a husband-and-wife creative duo originally from Hong Kong and New Zealand, but now living on a thickly forested hill in Ballarat, Australia. They are toy, graphic and garden designers who love to make funny books for kids.