Indigenous Australia For Kids For Dummies

Indigenous Australia For Kids For Dummies
Larissa Behrendt
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A comprehensive, relevant, and accessible look at all aspects of Indigenous Australian history and culture. Indigenous Australia For Kids For Dummies is here to enlighten you about the history, struggles and triumphs of the diverse peoples that make up Australia' s Indigenous communities. Did you know that Australia is home to the world' s oldest culture? Experience 60,000 years of history and culture, plus, get right up-to-the-minute, with amazing facts about Indigenous sports and entertainment figures and info on what matters to Indigenous peoples today. This interactive book has loads of features that will engage and excite readers aged 10-15 years old - and their teachers and parents! Featuring profiles of celebrated Indigenous people like Cathy Freeman and Albert Namatjira, as well as fun research projects and hands-on activities that bring Indigenous Australia to life. Ever wanted to connect with your local Indigenous communities? This book will give you ideas about how you can connect with First Nations peoples and other interactive ways to extend your learning out of the book. Discover the rich culture, long history and special values of the world' s oldest raceLearn about Indigenous art, song, dance, literature and contributions to contemporary AustraliaImpress friends and family with your knowledge of Australian colonisation and Indigenous rightsFigure out what' s going on in the lives of Indigenous Australians today - and bust the most common mythsThis book is perfect for young readers who want to appreciate and understand the diverse, proud, and fascinating peoples that make up Australia' s Indigenous communities.