In the Mountains

In the Mountains
Ned Morgan
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An exploration of the health and wellbeing benefits of spending time at altitude. Mountains have forever been steeped in poetry, symbolism and mystery, inspiring everyone from the explorers who wish to scale every peak to those who are more interested in the journey or the view. These rooftops of the world encourage determination, resilience, fitness of the body, ingenuity, creativity and awe - all of which are, in their own ways, "good for us."As the world's populations becomes increasingly urbanised, the need for a healthy relationship with nature is becoming more and more important, both from a psychological wellbeing and physical health point of view.In the Mountains is an awe-inspiring book that takes us on a journey to reveal the health and wellbeing benefits of spending time at altitude, and also teaches how we can be inspired by the research to bring elements of a mountain lifestyle into our everyday, increasingly urbanized, lives.