Human, All Too Human

Human, All Too Human
Frederich Nietzsche
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Ranging from a few words to a few pages, the aphorisms in Human, All Too Human present Friedrich Nietzsche' s thoughts on a variety of subjects, including the nature of reality (metaphysics); moral feelings, especially the concepts of good and evil; the argument that great art is the product of hard work as opposed to ' genius' and inspiration; free-thinking; the evolution of men, women and children; and the limitations that people put on their own thoughts and reasoning. The first of what became three volumes, Human, All Too Human not only represented a change in style for Nietzsche after the break-up of his friendship with the composer Richard Wagner and his rejection of Schopenhauer' s influence, but also a move towards the views of the Enlightenment philosophers, particularly Voltaire and La Rochfoucauld. Human, All Too Human marks Nietzsche' s decision to embrace new concepts and a fascinating turning point in the work of one of the 19th century' s greatest philosophers.
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) was one of the most influential German philosophers. The youngest man ever to hold the Chair of Classical Philosophy at the University of Basel, his work has inspired generations of philosophy by providing radical challenges to the received wisdom of earlier generations.