Help Your Child Cope with Change

What to Know, Say and Do When Times are Tough

Help Your Child Cope with Change
Liat Hughes Joshi
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This accessible guide will help you to support your child through difficult experiences brought on by life changes, including divorce, new siblings, or the loss of a loved oneChange is part of life, but for a child it can be scary and bewildering. Whether it s the prospect of starting school, dealing with changes in the family or seeing unsettling events in the wider world, there are many aspects of life that can cause a child to feel destabilized and frightened. As parents and carers, we try everything in our power to shield our children and prepare them emotionally for disappointments and upsets, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to do for the best. Help Your Child Cope with Change offers 101 actionable tips that will give you and your child the support you need to navigate these difficult moments with kindness and care. Discover how to:Nurture resilience and a positive mindset in your childBreak bad news to your childEstablish behaviour boundaries and retain routines during difficult timesDeal with overwhelming emotionsSeek support
Liat Hughes Joshi is a North London-based freelance journalist and author who writes about parenting and lifestyle issues. She has contributed to many national and international publications including The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times and The Guardian and a range of magazines and websites. Liat is also a columnist and feature writer for AOL UK' s parenting website www. parentdish. co. uk. She makes regular appearances on TV and radio providing comment on parenting and family life.