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How to Accelerate Your Job Search, Stand Out, and Land Your Next Great Opportunity

Get Hired Now!
Ian Siegel
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A Wall Street Journal BestsellerAccelerate your job search, stand out, and land your next great opportunityIn Get Hired Now!, ZipRecruiter founder and CEO Ian Siegel tells you exactly how to find a new job fast. With an insider' s view of how over a million employers really make hires, Ian pulls insights from the data to give you step-by-step instructions for writing a resume that works, finding the right jobs to apply to, acing a job interview, and negotiating a job offer. Debunk the conventional wisdomBreak the unconscious habits that are sabotaging your successGet hired in record timeRelevant for every stage of your career and for every industry, Get Hired Now! is a one-stop resource for job seekers looking to level up, stand out, and land the job.
IAN SIEGEL is CEO and cofounder of ZipRecruiter, an employment marketplace for job seekers and employers. He has twenty-five years of experience building tech startups.