Get Divorced, Be Happy

How Becoming Single Turned Out to Be My Happily Ever After

Get Divorced, Be Happy
Helen Thorn
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From the hugely popular Scummy Mummies comedian Helen Thorn, this hilarious and empowering book on surviving break-ups and thriving as a single person comes at a time when there are more separations and divorces than ever. ' Helen is the woman I want in my life when the shit hits the fan' - Bryony GordonWhat do you do when your relationship suddenly ends? How do you cope when the cosy ' coupley' future you had planned disappears? Join comedian Helen Thorn from The Scummy Mummies as she haphazardly takes the plunge into single life for the first time in twenty-two years. Helen shares her own roller coaster journey from the initial shock of a surprise separation, the messy months hanging out in her PJs through to the highs of rediscovering online dating, tiny pants, rock-solid female friendships and the glorious joy of just being by herself. With the help of relationship experts and an army of women "who know", Get Divorced, Be Happy will show you that going it alone isn' t the end, it is just the beginning, and you will come out the other side, stronger, happier and goddamn sassier than ever before.
A big hug in a book for anyone going through separation or divorce * Davina McCall * Helen is the woman I want in my life when the shit hits the fan. She makes me smile, even at the darkest of times * Bryony Gordon * Brutally honest and frequently hilarious * Jenny Eclair * Like a best mate in a book to guide you through hell - and out the other side via belly laughs, firefighters and finding joy in a new way of living * Helen Russell * Helen is a superwoman. She is honest, open and makes us giggle without making us feel guilty for laughing. Her heart is full of love * Gaby Roslin *
Helen Thorn is an award-winning comedian, podcaster and author. She is widely known for her honest and hilarious take on parenthood, being single in her 40s and body positivity. She is a regular on BBC Radio 5 Live and has featured several times on Woman' s Hour. Together with Ellie Gibson she is the co-host of one of the most popular parenting podcasts in the UK - Scummy Mummies - and has performed to packed out theatres around the UK.