From a Buick 8

From a Buick 8
Stephen King
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For twenty years the officers in the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks have kept a secret in Shed B. A vintage Buick which lures the troopers to come and take a look. Now young Ned Wilcox, son of the recently deceased officer Curt, has started hanging around the Barracks. One day he can't resist peeking through the windows. And it's time to share the secret. So the veteran troopers sit Ned down on the smoking bench and tell him every skin-curdling detail - from the Buick's arrival to the terrifying light-shows and what it sucks in and breathes out. For the Buick is a conduit to another world. As King puts it, 'when we confront the deep and authentic unknown, we glimpse that place where our familiar universe stops'.
This is King finally back on form. At the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks, a grim secret has been hidden for 20 years in Shed B: a vintage Buick automobile, accessible only to the troopers who come to look at it. Youthful Ned Wilcox begins to hang around the barracks - he finds that he can't resist looking at the car. So the veteran troopers decide to tell Ned the astonishing truth: the Buick is nothing less than the conduit to another universe in which all the laws of physics are reversed. And it isn't long before Ned has to test for himself this outlandish claim - with terrifying results. King's love affair with automobiles stretches back to Christine, and this new and dangerous car takes us on quite a ride.
Stephen King is the bestselling author of more than thirty books of which the most recent are HEARTS IN ATLANTIS, DREAMCATCHER and his non-fiction book ON WRITING. He lives with his wife, the novelist Tabitha King, in Bangor, Maine.