From Women to the World

Letters for a New Century

From Women to the World
Elizabeth Filippouli
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Acclaimed writer Elif Shafak writes a letter to Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand after the Christchurch attack. Actress Yasmine AlMassri pens a poem about war for her mother. Activist and TV presenter June Sarpong addresses designer Diane Von Furstenberg. These are a few of the moving and insightful letters that make up From Women to the World, a book by journalist, author and executive Elizabeth Filippouli, which brings together letters from a global group of accomplished women - politicians, royalty, actors, writers, activists and more - every one addressed to a woman who means something to each of them. The results are extraordinary, heartfelt letters to historical figures, mentors, family members or inspiring ordinary people. Each is based on these women' s personal histories and experiences, drawing attention to social issues such as homelessness, war, LGBT activism, mental health care or the plight of international refugees. From Women to the World is more than a simple collection of letters - it is a book that shows a new model of leadership based on emotional intelligence and demonstrates how we have the wisdom to inspire, motivate and reinvent our world.
Elizabeth Filippouli' s book, From Women to the World, is profoundly moving. A series of letters written by women, to the women who changed their lives, it is in itself likely to change the lives of the many women who are destined to read it. Among the many powerful and incisive stories, the letter written by Muna AbuSulayman to Margaret Garner, the enslaved woman attempting to escape to freedom, who murdered her daughter rather than see her return to captivity, induced me to tears. I will be buying it for my daughter and my mother. This is not a book to miss. * Linda Duberley, Writer and Broadcaster * Living in the 21st century, we should not be forced to question ourselves about gender equality and gender equivalence. We all have to remain vigilant not to lose the giant steps forward that were made in earlier centuries to give the woman the place she rightfully deserves as a human being, a free individual, possessor of her own body, entitled to being single, a wife, a mother, a CEO, a preacher or whatever she decides to become or to be. No other restrictions applied then those she decides to endorse. The hard work continues. The beauty of those letters lie in their fragility toward others and in their strength to become and to be at the same time. This book is a must read! * Sir Dirk Brosse, Conductor/Composer, Music Director The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia * From Women to the World is a remarkable book reflecting the sentiments of women from across the world in moving tributes to those they love and respect. These exceptional people, who have often achieved success against the odds, share values, passion, and a mutual, powerful faith in the way women can change the world. Each beautifully crafted letter tells a story, touching on injustice, prejudice, oppression, and inequality, but also highlighting the courage, determination, and self-belief that women draw on to try and achieve their rightful place in male dominated societies. It is both a literary gem and a slice of history. This is a tremendous book. . * Richard Peel, Communications Strategist * From Women to the World features missives from women to the women who inspired and sustained them. It is a work of profound reflection through and about relationships. Elizabeth Filippouli makes these letters a sort of ' collective voice' of what is common to these women, highly varied in specifics and yet linked by shared concern and commitments. This volume opens up the power of relationships and gives access to these private voices to all of us. It is indeed ' from women to the world' . * Professor Marc Ventresca, Said Business School University of Oxford * From Women to the World is a thought-provoking, deeply inspirational, and beautifully compiled tribute to women' s leadership. I commend Elizabeth for this important and timeless contribution to the growing body of scholarship and literature that honours the unlimited potential and unparalleled capacity of women' s leadership, and highlights its holistic impact on economies, on societies, and whole communities. * Haifa Al Kaylani, President & Founder, The Arab International Women' s Forum * From Women to the World is a thought-provoking and at times difficult read. In this carefully curated series of letters, Elizabeth Filippouli has, in her own words, ' handed over a baton' . Together we have the power to change society and make it fairer for all. To all who contributed: thank you. To my fellow readers: now is the time - we move forward together. * Sarah Waddington, Chart. PR FCIPR FPRCA MIOD. Managing Director, Astute. Work Founder, #FuturePRoof * This is a gem of a book. * Vicky Pryce. Economist/Author of ' Women vs Capitalism' * I could say that From Women to the World is a role model female platform. It is a dialogue between women that inspires, thrills, touches the souls and feelings of countless readers that surely this spectacular book will have. Thank you, Elizabeth Filippouli and all the brave and valuable women authors of these letters, for let us share their fights, pains, and victories. * Rosalia Arteaga Serrano, Former President of the Republic of Ecuador * Too often we focus on metrics and measurements, yet it is stories and relationships that lead to real, long lasting transformation. These stories from around the world will have an impact on the reader as they did on those who feature in them. This is a beautiful, powerful book. * Helen Alderson, International Committee of the Red Cross * Elizabeth says: Feminism is about accepting the inevitable limitations while nurturing mind independence. When you read this book you will realize that none of its contributors accept either inevitability or limitations. Well done Elizabeth for this remarkable step in breaking the mould. * Doug Wills, Editor Emeritus Evening Standard * This is a unique book about the race to dignity and equality which will take long, but with the right leaders we will get there faster!' * Nikos Koumettis, Coca Cola Group President Europe Middle East & Africa * Reading these letters, and the stories of the women writing them and to whom they were written, made me cry, smile with recognition and made me feel humble when I read some of the stories. Incredible letters that highlight the power of understanding, love and reflection. Overwhelmingly they made me feel inspired and hopeful that we live in a world where there are many, many people of compassion, wisdom and emotional strength despite us rarely hearing their voices. * Leonor Stjepic, CEO of Montessori Group * If you were to write a letter to a woman of History say, or of Today, a Relation or anyone, someone you can imagine walking into the future with - Who would it be? What would you say? Well, my female friends, pull up a one-of-a-kind seat at the From Women to the World table and get ready to be swept away by a global group of fearless imprimaturs who did what you are imagining that you might do one day. Delight. Enjoy. Partake a breathtaking read of many of the most creative, wide-eyed set of letters that will charge up your inner bandit to feel and do everything you would-will do to advance all aspects of the human spirit of our gender. Here. There and Everywhere. * Roberta d' Eustachio, Founder/Editor-in-chief, Giving Magazine - voice of impact: and The Giving Collective * This book, is riveting, moving, shocking and uplifting. * Rita Payne, Journalist/President Emeritus Commonwealth Journalists Association *
Elizabeth Filippouli is a journalist, activist and social entrepreneur. She is Founder of Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) an independent civil society agency incubated at the University of Oxford, working to promote values-based decision making and supporting women and youth. The organisation launched Athena40 - a family of diverse initiatives that advance women' s leadership by creating opportunities for women to be recognized for their work and connecting them with peers from around the world. Elizabeth has worked as investigative journalist and news anchor with the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, CNN International and Al Jazeera English. She serves on the Global Advisory Board of the Prince' s Trust International.