Flapjacks and Feudalism

Social Mobility and Class in The Archers

Flapjacks and Feudalism
Cara Courage, Nicola Headlam
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Flapjacks and Feudalism: Social Mobility and Class in The Archers is an excavation into the family and class politics found in the clans of the residents of Ambridge, in BBC Radio 4' s The Archers. A whole section of the book is devoted to ' The Fall of the House of Aldridge' , with Brian' s ethical misdemeanours and fall from grace, looking at how Brian could have hidden his scandals and changed the impressions surrounding him as a ' feckless farmer' . Another section sees the parenting skills, or complete lack of them, of the Ambridge clans put on trial, and used to predict the future leaders of Ambridge. Chapters in the book discuss the power of family and community networks, the oppression of the Grundys by the lords of the manor, and Emma Grundy' s housing woes and the importance of housing in the success and security of those in the village. This book explores how far housing, intergenerational wealth, skills and access to employment shape life chances of characters and shows that, perhaps more than anywhere else, its not what you know but who you know.
The authors combine a refreshing academic rigour with an obvious (though not uncritical) love for the programme. The intriguing result puts Archers stories and characters into their real-world context - with a lot more laughs along the way than one might expect. -- Keri Davies,Long-serving The Archers scriptwriter Another intelligent and insightful exploration of The Archers from the Academic Archers team. This cornucopia of thought-provoking standpoints offers readers the chance to reconsider what lies beneath the social system that permeates this everyday story of country folk. -- Charlotte Martin, aka ' Susan Carter' , The Archers Being an Archers listener is a way of life, and this fascinating book plonks Ambridge exactly where it should be; right at the heart of the real world. Well-researched and beautifully written, it' s the academic backbone of a much-loved series. -- Lucy Freeman, Writer and Broadcaster
Dr Cara Courage is a placemaking, and arts, activism and museums Academic and Practitioner, and Head of Tate Exchange, Tate' s platform dedicated to socially engaged art. Dr Nicola Headlam is a freelance Policy Adviser with expertise in the role of place within economic development and in how, why and where social and spatial inequalities persist.

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