The Family Business

How Ingram Transformed the World of Books

The Family Business
Tim O'Reilly, Keel Hunt
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The first book to tell Ingram' s fascinating story of transforming book publishing around the world. Includes more than 70 interviews with insiders and book-industry thought-leaders. Details Ingram' s extensive portfolio of service and infrastructure businesses that play a key role in the world of publishing. Ideal for audiences interested in learning more about the history of publishing and in innovative business growth strategies.
"Exceptionally well written, impressively comprehensive, meticulously researched, The Family Business: How Ingram Transformed the World of Books is essential reading for authors, publishers, book publicists, book sellers, distributors and wholesalers, as well as anyone in the book business and the world of media--as well as the bibliophile and non-specialist general reader wanting to understand how this vastly influential publishing industry really works, as well as the ways in which today' s electronic information technologies are transforming the world. . . . An essential, core addition to community, college and university library Writing/Publishing collections. " --Midwest Book Review"Hunt, an advisor to the Ingram family since 1995, gives an inside look at the Ingram Content Group, one of the publishing industry' s key players, in this comprehensive account. . . Anyone interested in learning about the modern history of book publishing would do well to check this out. " --Publishers Weekly"There' s one company responsible for bringing just about every book you' ve ever read into your life, and you may not even know it exists. In The Family Business, author and journalist Keel Hunt charts the history and contributions of Ingram Content Group, a little-known, family-owned business based in Tennessee that has shaped the publishing world for 50 years. " --BookPage"The Family Business is a somewhat timeless story of the twists and turns in one business' life, and the lessons that can be learned from it. " --Clear Purpose"Meticulously documented. . . . It is a great story, a great education in the book business, and a book everyone in the business of books should own. " --Porchlight Books"Ingram has proven itself time and again to be an ideal partner--trustworthy, innovative, resourceful, relentlessly self-improving, and even visionary. Reading The Family Business, it is a deep pleasure to see the creativity and commitment to principle through which the company' s leaders forged its present-day excellence. The book is a history of our industry as well as of one company, and the accounts of Ingram' s navigation of crises and opportunities provide business lessons that I will carry forward gratefully. " --Michael Pietsch, CEO, Hachette Book Group"My longstanding respect and appreciation for Ingram' s enormous contributions to book publishing have always been matched by curiosity over how this privately-held company came to be so essential to our business for so long. As only an insider can do so authoritatively, Keel Hunt has entertainingly relayed so much I never would have known about the story of the Ingram family and organization, and their indelible impact on the book economy and our culture. " --Madeline McIntosh, CEO, Penguin Random House US"Ingram Content Group celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year and is commemorating the occasion with the publication of The Family Business: How Ingram Transformed the World of Books on April 20. Author Keel Hunt conducted extensive interviews with many of the key participants in building ICG over the years. " --Michael Cader, Publisher' s Lunch"We often take companies like Ingram for granted, they are a mostly invisible part of how the economy operates. Yet the role they play is crucial for entrepreneurs and large companies alike. Ingram turbocharged our entry into an existing distribution ecosystem. All of this makes me appreciate Ingram even more deeply. Ingram is a company that has always served its partners, growing as we grow and never at our expense. Reading this history I learned how Ingram' s process of constant reinvention began long before the current era. This is a story rich in both inspiration and practical lessons for any business that intends to stick around for the long haul. " --Tim O' Reilly, founder, CEO, and Chairman of O' Reilly Media (from the foreword)
Keel Hunt is the author of two books on Tennessee political history and has been a columnist for the USA Today Tennessee network since 2013. In his early career, he was a journalist and Washington correspondent. He has been an adviser to the Ingram family and Ingram businesses since 1995 and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Tim O' Reilly is the founder and CEO of O' Reilly Media in addition to being a businessman, speaker, writer, and trailblazer in the field of computers and technology. He has written and published technical books to inform business strategy with the evolving world today.