Environmental Anarchy?

Security in the 21st Century

Environmental Anarchy?
Mark Beeson
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What does it mean to be secure in the 21st century? Mark Beeson argues that some of the most influential ideas about global security, including the troubling re-emergence of ' spheres of influence' , are outdated products of earlier times that are inappropriate for the modern world. At a time when climate change poses an existential threat to the continuation of life itself, Beeson argues that there is an urgent need to rethink security priorities while we still can. Providing an explanation of the failures and dangers of conventional wisdom, he outlines the case for a new approach that takes issues like environmental and human security seriously.
Mark Beeson is Professor of International Politics at the University of Western Australia. His work is centred on the politics, economics and security of the Asia-Pacific region and he has written over 150 journal articles and books. He is the co-editor of Contemporary Politics and the founding editor of Critical Studies of the Asia Pacific (Palgrave).