Emery, Sand & Glass

Emery, Sand & Glass
David Burnham
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David Burnham's output over the past 50 plus years has been mainly in painting and ceramics and relatively few people have been aware of his experiments in collage using a variety of techniques and materials including a range of used and worn sanding papers. Through these materials, his work has seen a sustained development of artistic expression. He has always been involved with non-figurative painting and he sees a strong relationship between abstract painting and music and feels the need to create not what is seen but what is unseen and intangible, to be able to produce images which have a significance and meaning without recourse to figurative imagery. The collage works, he now sees as an integral part of his creative thinking and are closely related to his paintings, ceramics and drawings. This publication concentrates on his collage work using emery, sand and glass papers over the past 25 years or so and explores just one aspect of his thoughtful engagement with art over a lifetime of involvement.