Easy Rawlins #01: Devil in a Blue Dress

Easy Rawlins #01: Devil in a Blue Dress
Walter Mosley
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The time is 1948. The town is Los Angeles. The hero is Easy Rawlins, an out of work black war veteran. The mortgage payment's coming due, so Easy accepts the assignment of finding Daphne Monet, blonde torch singer. In his search through a sleazy fearful city, he is lucky to be under the protection of the murderous Mouse... Easy Rawlins is a fascinating creation driving a plot that carries a fine and bitter sting. With this first novel (in the series), Walter Mosley made a distinctly confident start to his career as a great and inspirational writer.
'A brilliant novel. Period. Mosley's prose is rich, yet taut, and has that special musical cadence that few writers achieve... I read Devil In A Blue Dress in one sitting and I didn't want it to end. An astonishing first novel.' Jonathan Kellerman; 'An original, beguiling creation. One of the most impressive first crime novels.' Time Out; 'From the first page, it's clear we have discovered a wonderful new talent...the most exciting arrival in the genre for years.' The Face
Walter Mosley is the author of six critically acclaimed and bestselling novels starring the character Easy Rawlins, as well as the novels RL's Dream, Blue Light and Walkin' the Dog. Mosley's first Socrates Fortlow collection, Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned, was filmed by Michael Apted and starred Laurence Fishbume and Walkin' the Dog is currently in production.