The 10 G.O.A.T. Teams That Changed the NBA Forever

Marcus Thompson
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What turns a winning team into a dynasty? For many, legitimate dynasties are teams that not only won two or more titles but combine personality, superstar talent, and consistent winning seasons. But, one thing is sure, they' re teams that you either love or love to hate. Dynasties is the first book to call out and explore the 10 greatest teams (according to sports journalist Marcus Thompson II) in basketball history. These are not only the winningest teams, but the ones that changed the game of basketball forever by breaking racial barriers, introducing new moves, or implementing never-before-seen plays and strategies to win the game. Covering The George Mikan' s Lakers, The Bill Russell Celtics, The Magic Johnson Lakes, The Larry Bird Celtics, The Bad Boys Pistons, The Michael Jordan Bulls, The Shaq and Kobe Lakers, The Tim Duncan Spurs, The King Dynasty (AKA LeBron James, a dynasty unto himself), and The Steph Curry Warriors, Dynasties tells the story of each team with player and coach profiles, key games, playing styles and tactics, controversies, and more. Also featured are teams and players that were frequent rivals to dynasty teams (such as LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers), and the teams that could have been dynasties.
"Have you ever read a book that made you realize exactly why you love basketball? This is the one. Marcus Thompson has written a classic for hoop heads and history nerds to relish. Dynasties shines in its portrayal of what we all secretly love to hate: greatness. "--Mirin Fader, The Ringer "Marcus Thompson is one of my literary heroes and he shows why in this book, giving a fresh perspective on some of the best dynasties in NBA history, using the Town voice that has set him apart from his peers for nearly two decades. "--Logan Murdock, The Ringer "Marcus Thompson is the perfect voice for a book like this. His style is so conversational, you just want to grab a blanket, curl up & get comfortable. . . Once you get started, you' re hooked. "--Michael Lee, The Washington Post "The debate about NBA dynasties has been raging for decades now, but Marcus takes a fresh, layered and fun look at this age-old discussion and reminds us that the game' s best players and teams mattered both on and off the court. " --Sam Amick, The Athletic
Marcus Thompson II is a lead columnist at The Athletic known for his writing on Bay Area pro sports, especially the Golden State Warriors and the NBA at large. With more than twenty years' experience, he has developed a respected voice in the industry through his storytelling, ability to connect with athletes, and unique perspective. He is the author of the national bestseller Golden: The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry and KD: Kevin Durant' s Relentless Pursuit to Be the Greatest. The Clark Atlanta University product lives with his wife, Dawn, and daughter, Sharon, in Oakland, California.