Dear Science and Other Stories

Dear Science and Other Stories
Katherine McKittrick
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In Dear Science and Other Stories Katherine McKittrick presents a creative and rigorous study of black and anticolonial methodologies. Drawing on black studies, studies of race, cultural geography, and black feminism as well as a mix of methods, citational practices, and theoretical frameworks, she positions black storytelling and stories as strategies of invention and collaboration. She analyzes a number of texts from intellectuals and artists ranging from Sylvia Wynter to the electronica band Drexciya to explore how narratives of imprecision and relationality interrupt knowledge systems that seek to observe, index, know, and discipline blackness. Throughout, McKittrick offers curiosity, wonder, citations, numbers, playlists, friendship, poetry, inquiry, song, grooves, and anticolonial chronologies as interdisciplinary codes that entwine with the academic form. Suggesting that black life and black livingness are, in themselves, rebellious methodologies, McKittrick imagines without totally disclosing the ways in which black intellectuals invent ways of living outside prevailing knowledge systems.
"Drawing from black anticolonial thought and study, black poetics, music, and expressive arts, Katherine McKittrick' s Dear Science and Other Stories is an experiment in materializing black method and black wonder in stories of black livingness and relation, in spite of conditions of racial colonial violence and antiblack science of maps, algorithms, and life chances. It insists on other sensoria, consciousness, creation, and knowing-a black sense of place. " -- Lisa Lowe, author of * The Intimacies of Four Continents * "Freedom is a place made through rehearsals of thought and human-environment inter-action. Katherine McKittrick' s stories show geography in the making through their persistent refusal to recite empirics of suffering and catastrophe. What a gift to travel these surprising, complex paths through rage toward life. I am grateful for this book. " -- Ruth Wilson Gilmore, author of * Change Everything! Racial Capitalism and the Case for Abolition * "In this innovative, rich work, Katherine McKittrick works tirelessly to make us aware of how Black thought is a form of knowledge production. McKittrick uses a fascinating essay structure - stories and letters to science - to discuss jazz, computer science, poetry, Black history, and more. It contains one of the most powerful analyses of scientific racism that I' ve read in recent times, arguing that sometimes our efforts to articulate race and racism as social phenomena actually reinforce the idea that they are somehow biological in nature. " -- Chanda Prescod-Weinstein * Bookriot *
Katherine McKittrick is Professor of Gender Studies at Queen' s University, editor of Sylvia Wynter: On Being as Human Praxis, also published by Duke University Press, and author of Demonic Grounds: Black Women and the Cartographies of Struggle.