Daily Awakening

A 365-day journey to healing, freedom and belonging

Daily Awakening
Nicola Jane Hobbs
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If you have ever felt overwhelmed, exhausted or unworthy, this book is for you. Sometimes all it takes is a simple question to awaken the strength and compassion hiding within us. To wake us up to the truth and beauty of who we are. Daily Awakening is a nurturing guide to living a life free from struggle, anxiety and overwhelm, offering a sacred space for introspection where self-acceptance and self-respect can blossom. Drawing on ancient wisdom and modern science, this book provides 365 days of insightful questions to encourage reflection, awareness and healing. From overcoming perfectionism to rediscovering your inner child, and coping with anxiety to tackling burnout, integrative counsellor and meditation teacher Nicola Jane Hobbs offers soothing words and gentle advice to inspire you to slow down, make peace with yourself and create a life full of meaning, beauty and joy. This year-long journey will allow you to form a deep connection with your authentic self and will equip you with the tools to stay true to your heart among the never-ending demands of the modern world.
Nicola Jane Hobbs is an integrative counsellor and lifestyle consultant specialising in mental health and peak performance. She has a master' s degree in sport and exercise psychology with a research interest in the role of sport and spirituality in post-traumatic growth. She has been teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness for over a decade and specialises in integrating ancient wisdom practices with evidenced-based psychophysiological techniques. She runs a counselling and consultancy practice, working with individuals, sports teams and businesses. Nicola lives in Brighton, UK. In her free time, she enjoys wild swimming, practising handstands and growing her own vegetables. You can find out more and get in touch at www. nicolajanehobbs. com or find her on social media: @nicolajanehobbs.