British Library Tales of the Weird #21: Crawling Horror

Creeping Tales of the Insect Weird

British Library Tales of the Weird #21: Crawling Horror
Daisy Butcher, Janette Leaf
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' Its long antennae waved inquiringly back and forth, its tiny eyes sparkled black with crimson points, and then it began to run. The Professor caught it in his hand as it toppled from the edge of the counter. It bit him. . . A brush with a killer hornet turns a reverend' s life on its head. A moth wreaks a strange vengeance on a bewildered entomologist. Bees deliver a supernatural dilemma to a mother-to-be. This new anthology offers a diverse collection of tales plucked from the long history of insect literature, with deadly encounters and classic hauntings alongside depictions of the six-legged as harbingers of news from the spirit world. With expert notes on how each tale contributed to the development of insect portrayals in horror literature, Janette Leaf and Daisy Butcher are your field guides for some of the creepiest and crawliest accounts of insectoid horror from the minds of Edgar Allan Poe, E. F. Benson, Clare Winger Harris and Jane G. Austin.
Daisy Butcher is a Doctoral Student working on the Open Graves, Open Minds Project at the University of Hertfordshire. Her study focuses on depictions of the feminine in gothic and weird fiction, including particular discussion of female mummies, vampires, and of course, the killer plant. Janette Leaf is a PhD candidate at Birkbeck, and has presented on Richard Marsh' s late Victorian bestseller, The Beetle, and nineteenth-century Egyptology in London and the provinces. She is also a reviewer for Cambridge University Press and the British Society for Literature and Science.