Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Covens of Blood

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Covens of Blood
Liane Merciel, Anna Stephens, Jamie Crisalli
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Fantastic Portmanteu novel featuring the Daughters of Khaine. Rising from the gloom-shrouded cults of Ulgu, the empire of the Daughters of Khaine now dominates the Realm of Shadow. These matriarchal witch-aelves are graceful masters of death who revel in spilling blood, and whose opposition to Chaos borders on mania. Proud governors of their own ruthless agendas, it is their devotion to Khaine, the ancient aelven god of murder, the Daughters seek to prove above all, and alongside it, the favour of his High Priestess, Morathi. To this end, a Khainite would bleed the realms dry in dedication to her cause. This portmanteau novel weaves together three brutal tales, each telling of a witch-aelf burdened by an impossible task: Trisethni of the Khailebron sect, Nepenora of the Kharumathi, and Vahis of the Draichi Ganeth. Whether by poisoned chalice, enchanted blade or razored whip-lash, these murderesses honour Khaine with gifts of slaughter to rival even their hag queens' . But faced with their most arduous trials yet, will remarkable skill in the art of war be enough to save them?
Jamie Crisalli writes gritty melodrama and bloody combat. Fascinated with skulls, rivets and general gloominess, when she was introduced to the Warhammer universes, it was a natural fit. Her work for Black Library includes the short stories ' Ties of Blood' and ' The Serpent' s Bargain' , and the forthcoming Age of Sigmar novella The Measure of Iron. She has accumulated a frightful amount of monsters, ordnance and tiny soldiery over the years, not to mention books and role-playing games. Currently, she lives with her husband in a land of endless grey drizzle. Anna Stephens is a UK-based writer of epic, gritty, grimdark fantasy. She is the author of the Godblind trilogy and the Age of Sigmar short story ' The Siege of Greenspire' . Liane Merciel is the pseudonym of an American fantasy author. Merciel is of Korean and European ancestry. She grew up in Germany, South Korea, and other locations in a military family. A graduate of Yale University and the College of William & Mary Law School, she is a practicing attorney in Pennsylvania.