Constantine at the Bridge

How the Battle of the Milvian Bridge Created Christian Rome

Constantine at the Bridge
Stephen Dando-Collins
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Award-winning author Stephen Dando-Collins brings his renowned expertise to Constantine at the Bridge, where he unveils how the Battle of the Milvian Bridge marked the point of no return for Rome and shaped the Western world as we know it. The AD 312 Battle of the Milvian Bridge, just outside Rome, marked the start of a monumental change for Rome and her empire. This battle was the figurative bridge between old pagan Rome and new Christian Rome. And once Constantine had crossed that bridge, there was no turning back. Constantine the Great, after winning this battle against his brother-in-law Maxentius and taking power at Rome, and strongly influenced by his mother, forcefully steered Romans away from the traditional worship of their classical gods toward Christianity, setting Rome on two paths - the adoption of Christianity as the state religion, and the relegation of the city of Rome to obscurity as the Western Roman Empire collapsed within 175 years. The book' s title characterises its narrative thrust - this battle was the figurative bridge between old pagan Rome and new Christian Rome. And once Constantine had crossed that bridge, there was no turning back.
"A marvelous book. Constantine at the Bridge is an engaging and beautifully written study of a pivotal moment in Roman and European history. " -Mark Felton, author of Castle of the Eagles: Escape from Mussolini' s Colditz "Dando-Collins' s writing in this book follows the maxims of good journalism . . . He is an experienced and dependable writer. " -Washington Independent Review of Books
Stephen Dando-Collins is the award-winning author of nearly 50 books, including children' s novels and biographies. The majority of his works deal with military history ranging from Greek and Roman times to American 19th-century history and World War I and World War II. Many of his books have been translated into foreign languages including Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Albanian, and Korean. Dando-Collins is considered an authority on the legions of ancient Rome; his decades of research culminated in his 2012 work, Legions of Rome. With all of his books, Dando-Collins aims to travel roads that others have not, unearthing new facts and opening new perspectives on often forgotten or overlooked people and aspects of history. He resides in Tasmania, Australia.

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