Connected Planning  (2nd Edition)

Connected Planning (2nd Edition)

A Playbook for Agile Decision Making

Ron Dimon
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Ron Dimon' s thought-leading second edition of the book originally entitled Enterprise Performance Management Done Right, published in 2012, is a practical roadmap for using Connected Planning to develop an agile organization and to navigate the complex Enterprise Performance Management landscape. According to esteemed author, researcher, and Management professor Dr. Christopher Neck, "In the same way that one needs to be self-leading to finish a grueling marathon, an organization must be self-leading in order to execute on its plans in an efficient and effective manner. What drives self-leadership at all levels in an organization? The people within the organization of course-and those people must be involved in the planning occurring in an organization. Without a plan, an organization has no direction. "Since 2012, much has changed in the world of connecting strategy with improved performance: new, cloud-based, in-memory technologies have been adopted by the largest organizations in the world. This book is for CFOs, CIOs, their direct reports, and any organizational visionary or aspiring leader who wants to ' ' bring it all together' ' and create an actionable vision and plan for improving readiness, resilience, and performance.
RON DIMON has over thirty years of experience in helping clients get value out of their reporting, analytics, modeling, and planning processes and technology investments. A former Deloitte Managing Director, Ron has served organizations including Google, Microsoft, Oracle, ADM, Hyatt, Kraft Heinz, GE, Cisco, Manulife, the U. S. Navy, and many others.