A Companion to Aeschylus

A Companion to Aeschylus
Peter Burian, Jacques Bromberg
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Explore the work and influence of the earliest surviving Greek tragedian In A Companion to Aeschylus, distinguished classics experts Jacques A. Bromberg and Peter Burian deliver the first multi-authored examination in English of the works of the first surviving Greek tragedian. This book explores the contexts, histories, philosophies, religions, and socio-political realities presented in the works of the man unironically referred to as the creator of tragedy. Through 39 chapters, contributions from leading Aeschylean scholars examine the tragedian' s reception and influence, from antiquity to the present day. Eminent, well-known authors appear alongside exciting, less established voices who add new perspectives to traditional scholarship. Written to remain accessible to students reading Aeschylus for the first time, with all the original Greek translated into English and technical terminology kept to a minimum, A Companion to Aeschylus also offers readers: A thorough introduction to Aeschylus as a product of his time, including a discussion of Aeschylus' place at the dawn of the Athenian democracy and the presentation of tragedy before Aeschylus Comprehensive explorations of Aeschylus as playwright, including treatments of all the extant plays-Persians, Seven against Thebes, Suppliants, and The Oresteia as well as Prometheus Bound, considered by many scholars not to be by Aeschylus Practical discussions of Aeschylus and Greek society, including his treatment of justice and injustice, Athenian law, and ritual In-depth examinations of the influence of Aeschylus, including the effect his work had on artists and thinkers from antiquity to the present day Perfect for scholars and students of Classical studies, A Companion to Aeschylus is the ideal starting point to those approaching the earliest surviving Greek tragedian for the first time. It belongs in the libraries of anyone seeking an insightful treatment of Aeschylus' individual works and topics within those works, as well as historical background and later receptions.
Peter Burian is Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies at Duke University. He has published essays on and translations of ancient Greek texts and the reception of classical culture in the modern world. Jacques A. Bromberg is Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Pittsburgh. He has published essays on Greek literature, classical receptions in Latin America, global studies and historical globalization, and the history and philosophy of sport.