Communication for Business and the Professions  (7th Edition)

Communication for Business and the Professions (7th Edition)

Strategies and Skills

Judith Dwyer
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Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategies and Skills is a current and comprehensive resource with an easy-to-navigate structure that makes this sometimes challenging subject easy to learn. * Plain-English explanations provide students with a solid background to the theory of communication and how to interact effectively. * A variety of features and activities stimulate critical thinking and promote active learning. * Working models enable students to practise and refine how well they communicate. This text has been written for students studying in Australia who are seeking to enhance their communication skills and opportunities for employment and career progression within businesses, organisations and the professions. Easy to understand ' The text has a plain-English writing style and is supported by a consistent and accessible design, case studies and practice questions. This helps students to understand communication principles and apply them in their interpersonal and professional interactions. Updated ' The 7th edition has been updated to reflect feedback from considerable engagement with our customers and curriculum expectations. Contemporary ' The text includes real-life current examples, case studies, a focus on group-work in assessment and details modern trends in the industry.