Chunky Goes to Camp (Graphic Novel)

Chunky Goes to Camp (Graphic Novel)
Yehudi Mercado
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In Yehudi Mercado' s full-color middle grade graphic memoir sequel to Chunky, Hudi and his imaginary friend, Chunky, head to Jewish summer camp, where the dynamic duo meet a new friend who can see Chunky, too, and get mixed up in a prank war. This series is perfect for fans of Raina Telgemeier and Jerry Craft. Hudi finally embraced his love of art and comedy, but his class clown antics keep getting him in trouble. After Hudi' s artwork lands him in detention again, his parents decide a change is needed when summer arrives, and they sentence him to four weeks at summer camp. Hudi is hesitant about Camp Green-a Jewish sleepaway camp in the blazing Texas desert. At least he still has Chunky. Then Hudi meets Pepe, a fellow camper who' s also Latinx, Jewish, and a comedian like Hudi, and who-get this-can also see Chunky! What! The rest of Hudi' s bunkmates are also a motley crew of misfits. Has Hudi finally found his peopleThis new friendship with Pepe leads Hudi and Chunky into all kinds of hijinks, including a prank war with a few rival campers: the rich, preppy trio of Joshes. Hudi soon realizes that Pepe is driven by more than just making people laugh and he' s not telling Hudi the truth. As the pranks escalate further than Hudi wants, he' s at risk of getting labeled a troublemaker again-can Chunky help Hudi save this new friendship Or will it flame out
As good-natured a romp as its highly appealing main character. The art evokes a light tone with simple, effective characteristics. A swift, funny tale. --Booklist Praise for Chunky: Relatable insights into the life of a child who is eager to fit in but also coming into his sense of self, sometimes with the help of adults and sometimes in spite of them. A compelling coming-of-age memoir. --School Library Journal (starred review)
Yehudi Mercado is a former pizza delivery driver and art director for Disney Interactive. He is currently a writer-artist-animator living in Los Angeles. His books include Sci-Fu, Hero Hotel, Rocket Salvage, and Fun Fun Fun World. He was a storyboard artist on the DC Super Hero Girls animated series. He is currently show running the Hero Hotel podcast for the PINNA audio network and writing and directing an original animated short for Nickelodeon. You can find him at https://www. supermercado. pizza/.

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