The Business of Events Management  (1st Edition)

The Business of Events Management (1st Edition)

John Beech
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The Business of Events Management provides an accessible and lively introduction to the practice of managing an event, festival, conference or congress. Written by a team of international experts, the book incorporates the latest thinking in events management and highlights key theories, concepts and models by using a range of case studies and examples. This book will enable you to: Manage the financial aspects of events management Understand the impact of events on built and natural environments Explain the role of volunteers in an event and understand the challenges that managing them involves Understand the key issues in planning and designing a venueEach chapter features a real-life case study to illustrate key concepts and place theory in a practical context, as well as preparing students to tackle any challenges they may face in managing events. Case studies include the Edinburgh International Festival, the 2010 Winter Olympics and Indian Premier League Cricket.