The Big Bike Trip

The Big Bike Trip
Freddie Gillies
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Four Kiwis on an epic journey to discover the world and themselves. ' When you' re hurting and coughing on a steep incline, it' s hard to see or even think of the top, but you just gotta push a pedal at a time and keep pushing. ' At Auckland Airport, three young Kiwis began an audacious - some would say crazy - journey, huddled together and wiping tears from their eyes. Fourteen months later, they had cycled 23,000 kilometres, from Bali to Buckingham Palace, across more than 20 countries and adventured through some of the most exotic parts of the world. They battled extreme heat, sub-zero temperatures, culture shock and loneliness as they pushed their bodies to their limits. They overcame injury, illness, heartbreak, and, above all, their own fears and self-doubt. It was the time of their lives. Packed with stunning photography by Sean Wakely, The Big Bike Trip is an inspirational account of self-discovery, friendship and turning your dreams into reality.
Freddie Gillies was born in Auckland where he completed his studies at the University of Auckland. Currently living in London, Freddie writes for an acclaimed journal and is the author of The Big Bike Trip, an account of his round-the-world cycle-tour that took place in 2017. Not limited to writing, Freddie has played in a number of different bands over the years and his song, ' Wander' (Tracing Spheres) reached number 1 on bFM in 2016. Freddie loves the outdoors, cycling, running, writing and travelling.