Being You: A Girl's Guide to Mindfulness

Being You: A Girl's Guide to Mindfulness
Catharine Hannay
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Age range 14+Do you ever feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? As a teen girl, you're under a lot of pressure at home, at school, and in a confusing world of frenemies and social media. It can be hard to figure out what you really want and who you really are. Mindfulness can help. It's a simple but powerful way to centre yourself and tap into your own inner wisdom and strength.In this book, you'll read inspiring stories of young women who use mindfulness in the visual and performing arts, creative writing, sports, and STEM. You'll learn how scientists study the mind and the brain. You'll discover the many different ways mindfulness is practiced around the world. Most importantly, you'll try it yourself. Practicing mindfulness can help you feel happier and less stressed as you grow into the woman you want to become. This book will show you how.