Beginner's Guide: JavaScript

Beginner's Guide: JavaScript
John Pollock
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Fully updated for the latest JavaScript standard and featuring a new chapter on HTML5 and jQuery JavaScript: A Beginner's Guide shows how to create dynamic Web pages complete with special effects using today's leading Web development language. With the growth of HTML 5, JavaScript is expected to grow even more to script the canvas element, add drag and drop functionality, and more. This fast-paced tutorial provides step-by-step coverage of the fundamentals, including variables, functions, operators, event handlers, objects, arrays, strings, and forms. The book then moves to more advanced techniques, including debugging, accessibility, and security. This pedagogically rich, hands-on guide explains how JavaScript works with HTML 5 and covers the new features available in JavaScript.Key Skills & Concepts--Chapter-opening lists of specific skills covered in the chapter Ask the Expert--Q & A sections filled with bonus information and helpful tips Try This--Hands-on exercises that show you how to apply your skills Notes--Extra information related to the topic being covered Tips--Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things Self-Tests--End-of-chapter reviews to test your knowledge Annotated syntax--Example code with commentary that describes the programming techniques being illustrated Code downloads provided for projects in the book.

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John Pollock operates and serves as an author for Script the Web. He has been working on Web sites since 1995, and has previously operated two other Web development-related sites from 1997-2010 which were known for their easy-to-follow HTML and JavaScript tutorials. Pollock brings over 15 years of practical experience with JavaScript and the Web, including writing tutorials on these topics.

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