As Does New Hampshire

As Does New Hampshire
May Sarton
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First published in 1967 to honor the bicentennial of May Sarton' s longtime home, Nelson, New Hampshire, this newly reissued collection celebrates the town' s 250th anniversary. The poems evoke such timeless themes as love, solitude, joy, and nature-set against the background of the changing seasons of New England.
"May Sarton has a limpidness of statement that seems easy--actually it is deft and worked and subtle. . . . Her poems need a good deal of watching because they are deceptively smooth. "--Joseph Bennet "The Hudson Review" (1/1/1967 12:00:00 AM)
May Sarton (1912-1995), renowned novelist, memoirist, poet, and feminist, lived for many years in Nelson, New Hampshire. She is perhaps best known for her nonfiction on growing older (Recovering: A Journal, Journal of Solitude, among others. ) She wrote As Does New Hampshire to celebrate the bicentennial of Nelson, and dedicated it to the residents of the town