Applied Data Analysis for Urban Planning and Management

Applied Data Analysis for Urban Planning and Management
Alasdair Rae, Cecilia Wong
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This book showcases the different ways in which contemporary forms of data analysis are being used in urban planning and management. It highlights the emerging possibilities that city-regional governance, technology and data have for better planning and urban management - and discusses how you can apply them to your research. Including perspectives from across the globe, it' s packed with examples of good practice and helps to demystify the process of using big and open data. Learn about different kinds of emergent data sources and how they are processed, visualised and presented. Understand how spatial analysis and GIS are used in city planning. See examples of how contemporary data analytics methods are being applied in a variety of contexts, such as ' smart' city management and megacities. Aimed at upper undergraduate and postgraduate students studying spatial analysis and planning, this timely text is the perfect companion to enable you to apply data analytics approaches in your research.
This state of the art edited collection from leading planning experts Rae and Wong presents a tour-de-force of international new thinking on urban analytics. Thanks to being written in a clear and highly engaging style alongside vibrant illustration, this book provides an excellent reference point for those new to the field. The chapters present a novel and skillful blend of methodologically-orientated content alongside vibrant and real world applications. A highly recommended read! -- Alex Singleton This text is very much needed as a method textbook and unique in its kind, with empirical examples from all over the world that takes on and explains different methods. -- Kristina Trygg This book provides a variety of interesting empirical examples that demonstrate how urban data analytics can be utilized to support spatial planning and management. -- Jing Yao Data is only usable if it can be unlocked using analytics. This insightful collection of essays provides a gentle entry to the world of big data as it applies to planning. Essential reading for all who wish to get grips with this new science. -- Michael Batty
Alasdair Rae is the founder of Automatic Knowledge Ltd, a UK-based data and insights company, focusing on spatial data analysis and the built environment. Prior to that, he was a Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at the University of Sheffield. He is a Fellow of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, a recipient of the Royal Town Planning Institute' s Sir Peter Hall award for Wider Engagement, a former Commissioner of the UK2070 Commission, and a winner of the Royal Statistical Society' s ' Stat of the Year' . His most recent academic work has focused on spatial analysis, deprivation, housing markets and megaregions, and his work frequently appears in the national and international media. He has a PhD from the University of Liverpool, an MA from The Ohio State University and a BA from the University of Strathclyde. Cecilia Wong is Professor of Spatial Planning and Director of Spatial Policy and Analysis Lab of the Manchester Urban Institute, the University of Manchester. She is Fellow of the UK Academy of Social Sciences; Fellow of the Royal Town Planning Institute; and Chair of the UK 2021 Research Excellence Framework ' Architecture, Built Environment and Planning' sub-panel. She has research expertise in strategic spatial planning, policy monitoring and analysis, urban and regional development, and housing and infrastructure planning, and urban planning in China. She was a commissioner of the UK2070 Commission on Regional Inequalities, a commissioner of the Labour Party' s Lyons Independent Housing Review, a member of Department for Communities and Local Government' s expert panel on housing and planning, an expert panel member of the European Commission' s Urban Audit II, and an expert group member of the UN-Habitat City Prosperity Index.