Another Life

Another Life
Jodie Chapman
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Responsible, honourable Nick falls in love with passionate Jehovah' s Witness Anna over the course of one hot summer. When Anna' s strict religion threatens to divide them, she must choose between love and family. But Nick is too scared to fight for Anna, and Anna walks away. Years later, as Nick' s relationship with his impulsive younger brother, Sal, reaches breaking point, Anna is drawn back into Nick' s life. Will Nick find the courage to ask her to stay, or lose her forever? Another Life is a dazzling, devastating coming-of-age novel that gets to the heart of what it means to truly love another.
A modern day Atonement meets David Nicholls. Beautifully written - I couldn' t put it down -- Emma Gannon Deep, rich, thoughtful. It reminded me of how I felt when I first read David Nicholls and Jodi Picoult. It' s the Romeo and Juliet of our generation -- Gillian McAllister
Jodie Chapman has spent twelve years working as a photographer and lives in Kent. In 2016, she was accepted on the Curtis Brown Creative novel writing course. Another Life is her first novel.