Andrew Martin Interior Design Review: Volume 26

Andrew Martin Interior Design Review: Volume 26
Andrew Martin
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For more than 40 years, Martin Waller and his company Andrew Martin have continued to demonstrate that furniture is more than just a functional object, and that a living space always finds new stories to tell. His Interior Design Review, the definitive standard work, unmatched in its variety and broad range of topics, is now being published in its 26th edition. One hundred designers, 500+ pages, 1,000 photographs - such is the opulent presentation of the latest interior trends in this magnificent coffee table book. With its special arrangement, the latest edition is once again a feast for the eyes of design lovers who want to unleash their creativity. SELLING POINTS: . The annual standard volume featuring 1,000 photographs of extraordinary design trends . Presentation of the winner of Designer of the Year . A valuable source of inspiration for novices, aficionados, and professionals alike . Dubbed the "bible of the interior design world" by The Times 1000 colour illustrations