Anatomy for the Artist

Anatomy for the Artist
Sarah Simblet, John Davies
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In "Anatomy for the Artist", acclaimed artist and academic Sarah Simbet unveils the construction of the extraordinary work of art that is the human body. Illustrated with superb, specially taken photographs of male and female models, part 1 systematically describes the structure and function of the skeleton and main muscle groups. Drawings, some presented as translucent overlays superimposed over photographs, reveal the intricate details of anatomical structures, showing the fascinating relationships between internal structures and external appearance. In part 2, six imaginative drawing lessons, each supported with photography, show how to view the bones, head, ribcage, pelvis, hands and feet in perspective, from different angles, both in still poses and in movement. Throughout, the author explains how different artists have portrayed parts of the body. Ten masterpieces including Ingres' "The Valpincon Bather" and Hopper's "Hotel Room" are reproduced alongside a photographed model to show how previous masters and contemporary articles tackle the issue of life drawing.In-depth anatomical study is the cornerstone of life drawing and this imaginative modern reference book should enhance the painting and drawing techniques of artists at every level.
Sarah Simblet is an artist and academic specialising in anatomy. She has a studio in Oxford and holds the positions of Tutor in Drawing in the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, University of Oxford, and Visiting Lecturer in the Royal College of Art, London.