The Acrylic Flower Painter's A to Z

An Illustrated Directory of Techniques for Painting 40 Popular Flowers

The Acrylic Flower Painter's A to Z
Lexi Sundell
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An indispensable guide to painting 40 popular flowers in acrylics, perfect for flower artists. This beautiful book is a illustrated directory for acrylic flower artists, revealing how to paint 40 floral subjects, from agapanthus to zinnia, with plant-specific instructions for capturing the unique beauty of each species. All the techniques you will need are clearly explained and demonstrated, from analyzing the shape and structure of flowers to mixing and blending rich luminous colours, laying washes, creating textured effects, and adding highlights. Each featured flower includes information about its distinguishing characteristics, detailed step-by-step instructions, a complete colour palette, mini demonstrations showing special techniques and a stunning full-colour image of a finished painting.
Lexi Sundell is an internationally known acrylic artist. Lexi' s dramatic acrylic floral paintings have been chosen for prestigious international shows and can be found in private and corporate art collections around the world. She owns the RiverStone Gallery in Montana, USA and she enjoys mentoring other artists to further their creative development. To see more of Lexi' s work visit her website www. lexisundell. com.