ANZAC Biscuit Man, The

ANZAC Biscuit Man, The
Peter Millett, Shaun Yeo
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Award-winning author Peter Millett (The Anzac Puppy) and acclaimed cartoonist Shaun Yeo reimagine this classic tale with a kiwi twist! Once upon a time, an old couple who loved baking fresh biscuits discover a recipe for an ANZAC Biscuit Man. Later that morning they hear a cry coming from the oven, 'Let me out! Let me out! It's hotter than a barbecue in here'' They open the oven and out jumped the ANZAC Biscuit Man! 'Get in behind!' bellowed the old man. 'I want to dunk you in my tea and gobble you all up'. The ANZAC Biscuit Man turned and laughed at the old man. 'Rattle your dags as fast as you can. You can't dunk me, I'm the ANZAC Biscuit Man'. And so begins a hilarious chase, as every man and his horse tries their best to dunk the deliciously cheeky ANZAC Biscuit Man! Can anyone catch this cheeky, baked runaway?