A Quiet Kitchen

A Quiet Kitchen
Nici Wickes
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Whether cooking for one, or cooking for a crowd, A Quiet Kitchen is a thoughtful celebration of the delights of cooking (and eating) yummy food. In lockdown 2020, Nici Wickes found herself out of a job and home alone. Suddenly with a whole lot of time on her hands, she started vlogging little cooking videos on Instagram, which people couldn't get enough of. The underlying message of this book is that cooking for one doesn't have to mean TV dinners or beans on toast. Indeed, for foodies, cooking can and should be a passion, a refuge, a satisfying pursuit whatever your living situation. This is comfort food at its flavourful best that you on your lonesome or your whole family will enjoy. From Prawn & Lemon Risotto to Super Quick Pizza, Wok Fried Rice to Sausage Meatball Pasta to Chocolate Peanut Cookies.